And we’re back!

After a week of no main site and no blog site due to me completely messing up a wordpress upgrade, the sites are all back online and updated. I’d like to say a huge thank you to my friend karma4ya over at dA. Click her link and check out her artwork. And, thanks to DeviantVicky for introducing me to karma4ya without whom the site would still be a white screen.

Hopefully I’ll be able to obtain some advice and tuition from karma4ya to make these sites more integrated and have them work exactly the way I would like them to. To those who noticed the sites weren’t working, thank you for your patience. To those who didn’t notice, welcome to my sites!

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Added the Art galleries

Just go to the Art page and you’ll find some slideshows you can click on to look at some of my artwork.

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Added the Humour pages

Day 2. Everything’s quiet in the Big Brother house..

Oh, wait. No. Well, I am the big brother but that’s not what this is about. No.

I’ve added the humour pages from my old website and given them their own menu and links. I was actually giggling as I was reading through and reformatting some of them. Ah, good times.

Also, there is now a contact page on all three sections (main, blog and entertainment) of the website.

So, how’s it looking?

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Welcome one and all!

Welcome to my site. Here you will find all of the many wonderful and possibly slightly odd things that come out of my mind and, by association, out of my mouth. For more info, scout around or go the the About page 😉

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