Quite a wide variety here. 3D, photography, sketches, paintings, videos…

All of the things I enjoy doing or making in my spare time which, according to some, I have to much of. Have a look around.

3D Images

Mostly made with Blender which is a free open source 3D suite

Photo Manipulation

Photos + Photoshop = This Gallery

Paintings and Drawings

And here are some of my hand drawn images

Comic Strips

Mustn’t leave out my comic strips. These were all made for a little online magazine.

2 Responses to Art

  1. JF aka Go|iath says:

    Some of these 3D renders are very nice.

    That orange Ubuntu render is great.

    …and what about that Tardis.

    jeez, can i be your padawan too please ? ahahah

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