Made Up Books

Books with completely fictional titles and authors

Here is the ultimate book list.

Completely fictional. None of these books exist. If you find out that they DO exist, please drop me a line and let me know. Made up for entertainment purposes only. Not real. All LIES I tell ya.

I think you get the point…

Nature’s Way
by Dee Birds and Dee Bees

The Sex-Free Diet
by Sally Bessie

Show Jumping
by Major Bottomsaw

Under The Bleachers
by Seymour Butts

Gone In 60 Seconds
by Carlos

Can You Hear Me?
by Lowden Clear

Rip In The Mattress
by Mr. Completely

Incestuous Relationships
by Mario Cousins

How To Make Your Garden Grow
Walter D’Plants

Made It To The Restroom
by Andy Diddenhall and Justin Time

How To Survive Prison
by Ben Dover

I Fell From A Cliff
by Eileen Dover

Secrets Of Magic
by Howie Duzzit

Food Poisoning
by Ronnie Eggs

The Haunted House
by Hugo First

Gay Relationships
by George Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzgeorge with foreword by Phil McCavity

Yellow River
by I. P. Freeley

Lonely Girl
by Amanda Huggenkiss

How To Score With A Virgin
by Buster Hymann

Strange But True
by Shirley Knot

Road Works
by Digg Knowles

Flat Broke
by Penny Less

Get Rich Quick
by Stella Lottadosh

Race To The Restroom
by Willie Makeit and Betty Dont

Filthy Rich
by Millie O’Naire

Memory Loss
by Sam Nesia

I Don’t Know Your Name
by Ann O’Nimmus

I’ve Only Got £1.50
by Arthur Portion

How To Take Care Of Your Lawn
by Imma Rosebush

Full English Breakfast
by Bernie Toast

Make ‘Em Talk
by Walter Torture

by Gustav Wind

Umbrellas Are Useless
by Wendy Windblows

by Song Sung Wong

by Holly Wood

The Element of Surprise
by Oliver Sudden

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  1. Tony says:

    Funny books dude,but what about How to spend money by Costas Lots.

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