Sunday afternoons in the Elephant and Castle

Starting from the 5th of June I’ll be at the Elephant & Castle, Elgin Avenue, W9 every Sunday from 4pm til 9pm. Plenty of room and 5 hours to get your songs in. So, if it’s close enough for you, get on down, come and say hello and give us a song or two!!

Details of the Elephant & Castle

The School Disco Karaoke at the Albert

Quite a crazy night was had at the Albert last night. Nice to see a lot of people make an effort and dress up in their school outfits. Out of the whole crowd, excluding staff, there were only 3 guys who dressed up and two of those were in drag. About 10 ladies got into their uniforms.

We invented an extra prize for the two guys in drag which they proudly shared as winners of the best hermaphrodite category. The winner of best male managed to fit in to his original school uniform fourteen years since he last had to wear it to school! The winner in the female category was chosen with a simple cheer loudly for you favourite system.

As a bonus, I now own a headmaster’s outfit for any school type occasion!

Back to school at the Albert

School disco themed karaoke tonight at the Albert tavern in South Norwood (details in the calendar in the sidebar). How many school themed songs are there for crying out loud?!? lol


Welcome to the hub of my entertainment schedule. If you want to find out where I’ll be playing, request some songs or check for booking availability, you’re in the right place.

I do mostly karaokes but also do disco, sing or a mixture of all three. I also perform as Roy Orbison whenever requested.