Treble Clef Wallpapers

Treble Clef Symbol

Treble Clef Symbol

If you are a musician or really in to your music, these wallpaper may be just what you’re looking for. It’s a treble clef on various backdrops. There are four to choose from, all downloadable directly from my DeviantArt gallery. I created the treble clef (twice) using Blender. My original idea was to create a clef which only looked like a clef when viewed from directly in front at exactly the right distance. I was going to use some perspective tricks. But, in the end, I just made a clef.

The model of the clef is also available to download for Blender users from BlendSwap.

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Cup of Coffee, Sir?

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Oliver Hardy in Deep Water

Got on a bit of a Laurel and Hardy vibe today after remembering one of my favourite moments in L&H history, the great song in Way Out West, Trail of the Lonesome Pine. So, I watched the film and there was a moment near the beginning when Ollie gets dropped into a huge hole in a puddle. cialis does go generic cialis daily cost

I thought it was such a good image, I’d have a go at drawing it! And this is the result…
Oliver Hardy in Deep Water by *TheBigDaveC on deviantART compra online cialis viagra online chile

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Roy Orbison Portraits

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated here. What a terrible sentence with which to begin a post. viagra for sale in new york do cialis pill look like

Still, I have returned to show you what I’ve been up to regarding a few paintings of the Big O, Roy Orbison, that I’ve recently completed. This first one, the big ‘watercolour’ style effort, is my favourite of the three. All of them were painted using ArtRage and a Wacom Intuos4 tablet.

Excitingly, I’ve had a couple of people enquiring as to whether they can buy the paintings! That’s a first for me.

Roy Orbison Watercolour: viagra cost cialis lowest price

From Paintings and Drawings buying viagra china viagra sale

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Minimalmiss Piggy Wallpaper

Now, don’t rely on me doing lots of these wallpapers. I need to be in the proper, motivated mood to do these. Fortunately, that has been exactly the case for the past couple of days. If you look at the previous post, you’ll see Kermit the Frog. And now, I present to you, Miss Piggy! cialis 60 mg online

Feel free to use it as a wallpaper or whatnot. Hopefully, more of these to come very soon! buy cheap cialis profile
Minimaliss Piggy Wallpaper by ~dodgydavec on deviantART

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Kermit the Minimalist Frog

Having not made any minimalist wallpapers for a while, I thought I’d ‘knock one up’. I don’t know if there are any other Kermit wallpapers out there like this one but, if there are, here’s another one. It’s just his eyes, mouth and collar. Resolution (if you’re interested) is 1600×900, which is what I have on my laptop. Please leave comments if you like it (or don’t like it) where to buy cialis
Kermit the Frog Minimalist Wallpaper by ~dodgydavec on deviantART

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Feathers McGraw Revisited

feathers mcgraw close up
Have you seen this penguin?

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This one’s been a long time coming. Mainly because my original attempt at making the famous criminal penguin from the Wallace and Gromit film, “The Wrong Trousers,” just wasn’t up to standard. I feel that this one is much higher quality. can you buy viagra pharmacy uk

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I finished my halloween picture for this year. Click on the image for details.

Pimpkin by ~dodgydavec on deviantART

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New Karaoke Wallpaper

From Wallpapers

I recently lost a lot of my karaoke equipment due to some people who like to take things that don’t belong to them. One of the items was my work laptop which had some carefully designed wallpapers on it especially for karaoke. I even managed to make one for each regular pub at which I worked.

Well, I managed to get up and running quite quickly after the “feel free to smash up my car and take what isn’t yours” event but only now have I got round to creating a new wallpaper. I made it using Blender, rendered it using Cycles and added vignette and glow with Photoshop.

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Me as Roy Orbison

I had a friend of mine (Gerry Driver) take some photographs at a recent gig. And very good they are too. I decided to take one of them as a reference image and paint a little profile pic for myself.

I used ArtRage Studio 3.5 and my Wacom Intuos4. Took around 20 minutes.
From Faces
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