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Bits and pieces about what is going on with me and my life.

Me as Roy Orbison

I had a friend of mine (Gerry Driver) take some photographs at a recent gig. And very good they are too. I decided to take one of them as a reference image and paint a little profile pic for myself. … Continue reading

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‘Please Wait’ minimalist wallpaper

Not sure what the secret is of a popular post over on DeviantArt but, well, I made this very simple wallpaper (using Blender, of course) and posted two versions of it on DA. One with text and one without. This … Continue reading

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Paddling Man – Digital Painting

There I was on this Sunday afternoon just fiddling about with my laptop. I had my Bamboo Fun graphics tablet plugged in so I thought I’d have a mess about with mypaint, a brilliant little open-source painting package. Something that … Continue reading

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Danté speaks for the first time

I’ve actually been working on this character since before I can remember. I think I started making him about three years ago. Then, due to computer and personal issues, took a long break. Well, now I’m back working on him … Continue reading

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Snowy Enfield Photographs

It’s been a very snowy January here in Enfield (just north of London, UK). I drive past this park on my school run every day and keep seeing the bandstand with snow on the roof. Today, before the snow disappeared, … Continue reading

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My 3D Self-Portrait Trophy

Now that I’ve got to grips with face modeling in Blender, I thought I deserved a trophy. So, I took a couple of pictures of me, modeled my face and created this trophy. Yay, me! 3D Self-Portrait Trophy

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Happy New Year! Have a great 2010.

Happy new year, everybody. Hope you all have a fantastic 2010 Happy New Year 2010 2009 is finally over. It wasn’t a great year but, for me at least, it was filled with positives. I’m positively glad it’s 2010 though. … Continue reading

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Somebody’s linked to meeeeee!

Oh, cool. Look at this. Somebody’s put a link to a tutorial of mine on their website ( Look… Looks like a great resource for anything to do with Blender. Shame it’s in dutch, cos I don’t understand dutch. Nonetheless, … Continue reading

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Big thanks go to my Brother, Steve, who has repaired and upgraded my WordPress blog. I can now reinstall my plug-ins and blog on the move from my iPod. Woooooo.

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My IQ test result

I took an IQ (kinda) test tonight which you can get to by clicking this link. My result was Visual Mathematician with a score of 133. It’s only 40 questions. Not sure how accurate it is but it was fun … Continue reading

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