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Bits and pieces about what is going on with me and my life.

Tesco online shopping delivery debacle

Tesco — Very Little Help price comparison levitra viagra This is Tesco, OK? Tesco Lea Valley, Edmonton to be exact. We ordered our shopping online. Supposed to be the convenient way to do things. We have just enough money in … Continue reading

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Me as Roy Orbison

I had a friend of mine (Gerry Driver) take some photographs at a recent gig. And very good they are too. I decided to take one of them as a reference image and paint a little profile pic for myself. … Continue reading

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‘Please Wait’ minimalist wallpaper

Not sure what the secret is of a popular post over on DeviantArt but, well, I made this very simple wallpaper (using Blender, of course) and posted two versions of it on DA. One with text and one without. This … Continue reading

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Paddling Man – Digital Painting

There I was on this Sunday afternoon just fiddling about with my laptop. I had my Bamboo Fun graphics tablet plugged in so I thought I’d have a mess about with mypaint, a brilliant little open-source painting package. Something that … Continue reading

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Danté speaks for the first time

I’ve actually been working on this character since before I can remember. I think I started making him about three years ago. Then, due to computer and personal issues, took a long break. Well, now I’m back working on him … Continue reading

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Snowy Enfield Photographs

It’s been a very snowy January here in Enfield (just north of London, UK). I drive past this park on my school run every day and keep seeing the bandstand with snow on the roof. Today, before the snow disappeared, … Continue reading

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My 3D Self-Portrait Trophy

Now that I’ve got to grips with face modeling in Blender, I thought I deserved a trophy. So, I took a couple of pictures of me, modeled my face and created this trophy. Yay, me! 3D Self-Portrait Trophy

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Happy New Year! Have a great 2010.

Happy new year, everybody. Hope you all have a fantastic 2010 Happy New Year 2010 2009 is finally over. It wasn’t a great year but, for me at least, it was filled with positives. I’m positively glad it’s 2010 though. … Continue reading

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Somebody’s linked to meeeeee!

Oh, cool. Look at this. Somebody’s put a link to a tutorial of mine on their website ( Look… Looks like a great resource for anything to do with Blender. Shame it’s in dutch, cos I don’t understand dutch. Nonetheless, … Continue reading

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Big thanks go to my Brother, Steve, who has repaired and upgraded my WordPress blog. I can now reinstall my plug-ins and blog on the move from my iPod. Woooooo.

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