Fluid Drop in 5 Stages

One of the things I love about Blender (apart from the price) is the diversity of the package. Besides freehand artwork, almost any graphics I want to do can be done with Blender. Earlier this week I decided I wanted to do a small fluid simulation. A simple drop of red paint in extreme close-up and slow motion.

Once I’d managed to get the simulation right, I decided to dislpay it in 5 different stages of render. Wireframe, wireframe with solid, solid, red paint and, finally, red water. The red water is a bit extra as I only originally intended to do paint.

So, I went ahead and rendered out 5 complete 200 frame sequences. Versions 1 – 4 were done in less than two days. Version 5, the red water, took almost four days to render. Heavy.

Once all of the 200 frame image sequences were done, I simply took them into Blender’s video sequencer and merged them with some clever cross-fading techniques. Minutes later I had this animation…

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