Doctor Who’s TARDIS in the Towers of Titan

TARDIS on Titan
TARDIS in Towers of Titan

It’s been a long time since I updated anything here and I’ve done quite a lot since I last did! My most recent activity involved testing out blender’s compositor in making atmospheric scattering. Or mist. It worked quite well so I made it into a nice scenic alien-esque picture. My youngest sister said it looked like a perfect place for Doctor Who to visit, so I added my TARDIS. Here’s a list of links for the WIP followed by the full image

Stage one (First Try)

Stage two (Better Angle)

Stage three (Better Lighting)

Stage four (Levitating Stones)

Final: All of the above plus a TARDIS

Doctor Who’s TARDIS on Titan by ~dodgydavec on deviantART


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