Making head ways.

I’m really enjoying making 3D head models at the moment. After the whole edge-loop thing clicked in my mind, it just became a lot easier to do. This WIP is a model of one of my fellow Blender Underground members. All made with Blender.

Progress Step One
Step One

In Step One, I’ve modelled the whole face but still need to complete the back of the head and some ears. The ears, to me, are the most daunting prospect of the whole model.

Progress Step Two
Step Two

Step Two has the ears and neck completed. I don’t think the ears came out too bad.

Progress Step Three
Step Three

Step three shows the same model with an SSS skin material added. This is where it starts to look a little creepy!

Progress Step Four
Step Four

Still not completely finished but here in Step Four I’ve added hair and some texture to the skin. All that remains is some sculpting, decent skin texture and proper eyes.

Here’s how it looks rotating.


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