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Making head ways.

I’m really enjoying making 3D head models at the moment. After the whole edge-loop thing clicked in my mind, it just became a lot easier to do. This WIP is a model of one of my fellow Blender Underground members. … Continue reading

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A face, textured, animated, hairy.

Made entirely with Blender. The skin has SSS. The hair is partical hair. The eyes have refraction through the cornea. Everything could be better but I like it. A face, textured And it looks REALLY weird animated:

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The Man With No Hat Did It

Just a silly little comedy idea my friends and I decided to film and subject the world to. Sorry, folks. 😉

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Time for a haircut?

Just sketching with me graphics tablet and I came up with the fine fella… Haircut Time by ~dodgydavec on deviantART for more details, click the image.

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